Welcome to the RSF Series WikiEdit

The RSF Series is a group created on the internet website Tengaged ( It is a collective series of different Reality Show Series (i.e. Survivor, Big Brother, etc.)

The SeasonsEdit

# Name Winner Runner(s)-up
1 Moolah Beach BOBROCKS333 & ohhayy LilAngelBaby & Tykeal alexfl & Selene365
2 The Mole: The Next Betrayal BOBROCKS333 (Mole: Sakwilla) gxvgxv94 Yingyang
3 Survivor: East vs West LilAngelBaby BBlover96 hinata0014
4 Big Brother: The Mystery Room BBlover96 sarge455 snels66
5 I Love Money BOBROCKS333 Dito Corn
6 Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire BOBROCKS333 BBlover96 Insanity17
7 Fresh Meat BOBROCKS333 & Nelson sarge455 & jharrin7887 LilAngelBaby & dylanjay
8 The Mole: Return of the Traitor Insanity17 (Mole: Spinner554) mjpj189 nbkiller
9 Cutthroat aiwfwyattroh & johnoliver96 BBlover96, brandoluscious, mjpj189 & Spritester BOBROCKS333, Jaylon, sarge455 & soiyer
10 The Castle BOBROCKS333 nbkiller bekla123
11 The Gauntlet Austinsscott, BBlover96, BOBROCKS333, jimboslice, nbkiller, Spinner554 & splozojames50 DanieleD, Leonine_Divine & punx193
12 Survivor: Worldwide sarge455 BOBROCKS333 turney1805
13 Battle of the Seasons Piddu & Supahhero (Rookies) jimboslice & splozojames50 (Season 11) jharrin7887 & Timster (Season 7)
14 Big Brother: The Mystery Room 2 49288 joshg222 taylor112399
15 The Ruins Dito, jharrin7887, Piddu, splozojames50, Timster & turney1805 (Champions) coltsfan876 (Challengers)
16 The Amazing Race coltsfan876 & michael222 Halloween & splozojames50 BBlover96 & Mickj
17 The Duel ofl1998 Millzipede splozojames50
18 The Mole: Vengeance is Sweet N/A N/A N/A